Seven Gardens Residency is a new residency in Kerman, Iran, established in Spring 2018. It was named after the Haft Bagh (Seven Gardens) Highway between Kerman and Mahan, where it is located. Haft Bagh is lined with large-scale sculptures, so that even the drive to the residency is an artistic experience. The villa has a courtyard with high walls, where you can enjoy the sunshine in privacy. There is a garden with fruit trees, vegetables, flowers and herbs, and everything is available for you to harvest. 

The focus of this residency is Iranian handicraft, food and culture. During your stay at Seven Gardens you will meet local Iranian families, artists and artisans. Iranian people are famously hospitable, and you are sure to feel comfortable and welcome here. A big goal of this residency is to make connections between Iranian and international artists, as the Iranian art world can feel very isolated. Hopefully residents will make connections with locals that last past their time in Iran.